List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in May 2022.

PPT Topics in 64 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City

✓ Decision Support Systems
✓ Distributed Control Systems
✓ Expert Systems for Industry
✓ Intelligent Fault Detection and Identification
✓ Knowledge-based Systems Applications
✓ Planning and Scheduling
✓ Machine Learning in Control Applications
✓ Hybrid Learning Systems
✓ Mechatronic Systems
✓ Neural Networks based Control Systems
✓ Optimization Algorithms
✓ Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems
✓ Soft Computing
✓ Fuzzy Control
✓ Genetic Algorithms
✓ Evolutionary Computation and Control
✓ Agile Software Development
✓ Architecture and Design
✓ Aspect-Orientation
✓ Cloud-Computing
✓ Data Mining Systems
✓ Dependability, Safety, and Reliability
✓ Machine Learning and Optimization
✓ Data Warehousing Systems
✓ Empirical Software Engineering
✓ Human-Computer Interaction
✓ Information Privacy and Security
✓ Process Modeling
✓ Query Processing and Optimization
✓ Programming Languages
✓ Requirements Engineering
✓ Search-based Software Engineering
✓ Software Evolution and Maintenance
✓ Software Reuse
✓ Software Testing and Analysis
✓ Software Visualization
✓ Software Validation and Verification
✓ Recent Trends in Software Engineering
✓ Cryptography
✓ High Speed Networks
✓ Mobile Computing
✓ Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
✓ Optical Networking
✓ Network based Applications
✓ Network Security
✓ Next Generation Web
✓ Recent Trends in Computer Networks
✓ Wireless and Adhoc Network
✓ Wireless Multimedia Systems

25 May 2022 Vaigai College of Engineering Madurai

Recent advances in agricultural engineering & biological science

25 May 2022 Selvam College of Technology Namakkal

As per the students wish.

25 May 2022 Nehru Institute of Technology Coimbatore


26 May 2022 DMI College of Engineering Chennai

Industry 4.0

26 May 2022 BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology Chennai

1) Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science
2) Internet of Things
3) Augmented reality / Virtual reality
4) Robotics
5) Additive manufacturing
6) Metaverse
7) Blockchain

26 May 2022 SNS College of Technology Coimbatore

Topics related to computer science departments.

26 May 2022 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

The conference will cover following board areas but not limited to:
CSE/MCA: Computer vision, Artificial intelligence, Synthetic and organic computing structure and systems, Cyber security, Advanced in network technologies, Big data.

ECE : VLSI and Embedded systems, Communication engineering, Image and signal processing, Digital and medical electronics, Fiber optics, radar, and microwaves, Biomedical Engineering.

EEE: Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles,
Microgrid and Distributed Generations, Energy Storage Technologies, FACTS controllers and its applications.

MECH : Mechanical Design, Metallurgy and Material science, Mechanics of solids and Fluids, Manufacturing Technology, Energy conversion.

Mechatronics: Robotics and Automation, Mechanisms and machines for rural, agricultural and industrial applications, Mechatronics and micro mechanisms

26 May 2022 Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre Thrissur Thrissur

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

26 May 2022 Chennai Institute of Technology Chennai

Own topics

26 May 2022 VSB Engineering College Karur

Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Computer engineering and Recent Developments.
Advancement in Mechanical Engineering.
Modern Trends Electrical Engineering.
Chemical Engineering.
Civil Engineering and Computer simulation Softwares.
Biomedical and Instrumentation.
Remote Sensing
Urban Engineering
Structural Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Irrigation Water Management
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Management
Internal Combustion Engineering
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Engineering Design
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Product Design and Development (PDD)
Energy Engineering
Manufacturing Systems Management
Printing Technology
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Manufacturing Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Quality Engineering & Management
Power Systems Engineering
High Voltage Engineering
Control and Instrumentation Engineering
Power Electronics and Drives
Electrical Drives and Embedded control
Embedded System Technologies
Applied Electronics
Communication Systems
VLSI Design
Medical Electronics
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Engineering
Multimedia Technology
Systems Engineering and Operations Research
Communication & Networking
Computer Applications.
Automated Systems.
Bio-genetic Computing Systems.
Cloud Computing.
Computational Mathematics.
Computational Intelligence.
Digital Computing System.
Electronic Data Systems.
Information Communication.
Information Security Systems.
Knowledge Engineering.
Open Source Systems.
Signal Processing Systems.
DSP/Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/Multimedia.
Game and software engineering.
Geographical Information Systems/ Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
Recent trend in Mechanical Engineering.
Energy Engineering.
Advancement in IC engines.
Material Sciences.
Engineering Materials.
Latest techniquecs in thermal Engineering.
New trends in Industrial Engineering.
Computer Aided Manufacturing.
Engineering Design.
Marine Engineering .
Latest trends in Naval Architecture.
Structural Engineering.
Aeronautical engineering.
Alternative fuels.
Advances in Mathematics.
Technical english.
Nano Technology.
Surface and corrosion Engineering.
Gas Dynamics and Get Proportion.
Food Processing Engineering.
Textile and Fashion Technology.
Architecture and Planning.
Industrial Bio-Technology
Food Technology
Pharmaceutical Technology
Textile Technology
Ceramic Technology
Chemical Engineering
Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Mining Engineering

27 May 2022 Sree Sakthi Engineering College Coimbatore

 Agent Communication and Network
 Web Intelligent
 Web Services
 Data Center and Cloud Networking
 Embedded Software for Sensor Networks
 Middleware in Sensor Networks
 Multimedia Sensor Network
 Network Virtualization
 Protocols in Sensor Networks
 Sensor Fusion, Tracking and Localization
 Sensor Network Security
 Sensor Networks for Smart Grids

Cloud Based Communication
 Cloud-Based Multimedia Content Sharing Network
 Advanced Network Architecture Design for Cloud-Based Multimedia Delivery
 Cooperative Schemes for Cloud-Based Multimedia Communications
 Resource Management and Qos/Qoe Provisioning for Media Cloud
 Data Security, Privacy and Reliability for Media Cloud
 Transmission Standardization Activities Related to Media Cloud

Computing in Healthcare
 Network Infrastructures, Architectures, and Protocols for E-Health
 Pervasive Healthcare Systems
 Big Data in Healthcare
 Parallel and Distributed Systems in Healthcare
 Data Mining in Healthcare
Intelligent Computing Systems and their Applications
 Artificial Neural Networks
 Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms
 Machine Learning and Data Systems
 Intelligent Computing System Architectures
 Intelligent System Natural Language Processing
 Soft Computing Approach
 Network Approaches to Big Data Science
 Bio-Inspired Intelligent Computing
Data Communication and Computer Networking
 Cryptography and Networks
 High Speed Networks
 Mobile Computing
 Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
 Optical Networking
 Network Based Applications
 Next Generation Web
 Wireless Networks
 VLSI Design and Automation
 Communication Circuits
 Device/Circuit Simulation
 Digital Circuits and ASIC
 Electronic System Level Design
 Embedded Systems & VLSI
 Low Power CMOS Design
 Logic Synthesis and Physical Design
 MEMS and Sensors Design
 RF, Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits

27 May 2022 Agni College of Technology Chennai


27 May 2022 Cheran College of Engineering Karur

Any topics from your domain

27 May 2022 Kongu Engineering College Erode

1. Renewable Energy
2. Power Electronics
3. Nano Technology
4. Automation & Robotics

27 May 2022 PSNA College of Engineering and Technology Dindigul

Any topic and any domain paper is accepted.

27 May 2022 Malnad College of Engineering Hassan

1. Agricultural/ Environmental/ Rural/ Space Innovation
2. Biotechnology/ Wellbeing/ Pharmaceutical/ Health Innovation
3. Electrical/ Electronics/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Multimedia/ Internet Innovation
4. Mechanical/ Machinery/ Product Design/ Manufacturing Innovation
5. Social Science/ Business/ Creative Design/ Learning Innovation

27 May 2022 Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Artificial Intelligence
Database Security
Cloud Computing
Block Chain and Applications
Distributed Computing
Grid Computing
Cyber Security
Image Processing
Gaming Technology
Internet of Things
Data Mining

27 May 2022 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Ramapuram Campus Chennai

Power electronics
Power system
Control system
Renewable energy sources

27 May 2022 St Mother Theresa Engineering College Tuticorin

Emerging trends in mechanical engineering.

27 May 2022 CARE College of Engineering Tiruchirappalli

Any topic

27 May 2022 Muthayammal Engineering College Rasipuram

Advanced Materials
Additive Manufacturing
Micro Manufacturing
Hybrid vehicles and its integration
Smart Construction materials
Rapid Prototyping
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Lean Manufacturing Optimization Techniques
Biomaterials and
Surface Engineering Machine Design
Waste Disposal and Recycling
Heat & Mane Transfer
Nano Technology
Green Manufacturing
Alternative fuels
Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Future Energy Technologies
Industrial Engineering
Renewable Energy Technology
Industry 4.0
Any other Related Area

27 May 2022 Jai Shriram Engineering College Tirupur

Topics not Limited to Management, Entrepreneurship, Sciences & Engineering

28 May 2022 I Business Institute, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and Global Conference Hub, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Greater Noida


28 May 2022 Chennai Institute of Technology Chennai

Blue Eye Technology
Green Computing
Smart Dust
Voice Assistance

28 May 2022 Knowledge Institute of Technology Salem

Scope: All Branches subjects and concepts

29 May 2022 IIRM-SDT Chirala

Computational physics
Radiation physics
Applied nuclear physics/chemistry
Nanotechnologies, components and instrumentation
General physics, physics of matter, mechanical and physical properties of materials

Modern physics
Engineering techniques
Applications in industries
Applied physics and engineering
Modeling, analysis and computation
Surfaces, interfaces and colloids
Imaging techniques, microscopy
Nano-sciences and technologies
Biophysics and biophysical chemistry
Materials science and engineering
Physics of semiconductors
Physics of polymers and macromolecules
Nonlinear, adaptive and complex systems
High performance computing and visualization
Computer-aided simulation and modelling
Nanotechnologies, components and instrumentation
Applied physics and theoretical physics
Atomic, molecular and optical physics
Condensed matter physics
Engineering physics
Low temperature physics
Environmental physics
Metrology and instrumentation
Nuclear physics
Radiation protection
Optics and lasers
Condensed matter physics and materials
Particle accelerators
Plasma and gas-discharge physics
Quantum mechanics and quantum information theory

30 May 2022 Cheran College of Engineering Karur

Smart medical textiles
Materials for smart medical textiles
Shape memory polymers in medical textiles
Types and properties of shape memory material
Textile-based sensors for health monitoring
Textiles with integrated sleep-monitoring sensor
Medical applications of smart textiles
Monitoring of body parameters
Challenges in medical smart textiles
Trends and applications of medical smart textiles
Textile engineering
Principles of textile engineering
Textile technologies
Basic computer technologies
Textile testing
Physical testing of textiles
Textile fibers
Classification of textile fibers
Textile physics
Clothing, weaving and knitting
Quality control in textiles
Fabric design
Textile manufacturing
Textile manufacturing practices
Process control
Material Sciences
Textile Science
Medical Textile
Polymer Sciences
Polymer Structure
Textile Industries
Electronic Textiles: Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology
Electronics in Textiles and Clothing: Design, Products and Applications
Embedded Electronics in Textiles and Wearable Technology
Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
e-textiles and the future of wearable technology
e-Textiles for Wearable Accessories
Smart Clothes and Fabrics
Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology
Smart eyeglasses, e-textiles, and the future of wearable computing
Smart Technology for Wearable Electronics
Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation
Smart Textiles and wearable intelligence
Smart textiles and wearable technology: Textiles Intelligence
Smart textiles for wearable motion capture systems
Smart Textiles for Wearable Technology
Smart Textiles, Wearables and Internet of Things
Smart Textiles: Wearable Electronic Systems
Wearable and Flexible Electronics
Wearable Antennas, Sensors and a Novel Class of Textiles
Wearable Computers and Electronics
Wearable computers, e-Textiles and Smart Clothing Design
Wearable electronic textiles
Wearable Electronics
Wearable electronics and intelligent textiles
Wearable Electronics and Photonics
Wearable Electronics and Smart Textiles
Wearable electronics, e-textiles
Wearable Experiments
Wearable sensors in smart textiles
Wearable Social Messaging
Wearable Technologies and Smart Textiles
Wearable Technology
Wearable textile biofuel cells for powering electronics
Wearables and Smart Textiles
Weaving Design

30 May 2022 Cheran College of Engineering Karur


30 May 2022 JKK Munirajah College of Technology T.N.Palayam

As per the students wish

30 May 2022 VSB Engineering College Karur


31 May 2022 Dr NGP Institute of Technology Coimbatore

All topics

31 May 2022 Excel Engineering College Namakkal

Here is the platform to analyze your innovative ideas and show your talents.

31 May 2022 PA College of Engineering and Technology Pollachi

Any Topic

31 May 2022 Excel Engineering College Namakkal

1) Smart Grid
2) Artificial Intelligence in Power systems
3) Embedded Systems in Automobiles
4) Bio Robotics / Robotics
5) Hybrid E - Vehicles
and other relevant topics

31 May 2022 Knowledge Institute of Technology Salem


01 Jun 2022 Adhiparasakthi Engineering College Melmaruvathur Kanchipuram

 Deep Learning  Cyber Security
 Big Data Analytics  Image Processing
 Interne of Things  Block Chain
 Machine Learning  Bio Informatics
 Cloud Computing  Natural Language Processing
 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
(Topics are not limited to the above)

03 Jun 2022 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College Perambalur


05 Jun 2022 Jawahar Engineering College Chennai

 Computer Science Engineering
 Artificial Intelligence
 Distributed Computer System
 Cloud Computing
 Cyber Security
 Wireless Sensor Network& etc..,

 Electrical & Electronics Engineering
 Modern Power Converter
 Renewable Energy sources
 Power System modeling
 Smart Grid
 Hybrid Electric Vehicle & etc..,

 Electronics & Communication Engineering
 Image processing
 Embedded systems
 Audino, Rasphberry & etc..,

 Mechanical Engineering
 Machining Of Hybrid Composites
 Automobile technologies
 Thermal Engineering
 Advanced Machining & etc..,

 Master Of Business & Administration
 Marketing
 Production Sector
 Finance growth & etc..,
 Ethics In Business
 Social Responsibilities & etc..,

 English , Mathematics , Physics & Chemistry
 Any Relevant Topics
Note: Topics are not a constraint; All department relevant topics are acceptable.

09 Jun 2022 Kurinji College of Engineering and Technology Manapparai

 Computer Science Engineering
 Artificial Intelligence
 Distributed Computer System
 Cloud Computing
 Cyber Security
 Wireless Sensor Network& etc..,

 Electrical & Electronics Engineering
 Modern Power Converter
 Renewable Energy sources
 Power System modeling
 Smart Grid
 Hybrid Electric Vehicle & etc..,

 Electronics & Communication Engineering
 Image processing
 Embedded systems
 Audino, Rasphberry & etc..,

 Mechanical Engineering
 Machining Of Hybrid Composites
 Automobile technologies
 Thermal Engineering
 Advanced Machining & etc..,

 Master Of Business & Administration
 Marketing
 Production Sector
 Finance growth & etc..,
 Ethics In Business
 Social Responsibilities & etc..,

 English , Mathematics , Physics & Chemistry
 Any Relevant Topics

10 Jun 2022 Kurinji College of Engineering and Technology Manapparai

Paper Presentation with Journal Publication with ISBN

15 Jun 2022 Hindusthan Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Call for Paper:
Advanced Manufacturing Process
„« Design for Manufacturing
„« Design of Jig and fixture
„« Composite Materials
„« Thermal Engineering
„« Alternative Fuels
„« Production Technology
„« Electrical Systems
„« Electronics Science
„« Computer Technology
„« Information Science
„« All other related to Engineering Sciences

15 Jun 2022 Hindusthan Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Sentiment Analysis
✓ Cognitive Computing
✓ Deep Learning
✓ Semantics & Syntactic Analysis
✓ Natural Language Processing
✓ Emotion-Driven Systems
✓ Data Mining for Ontology Matching,
Instance Matching and Search
✓ Recommender Systems Applications in
Social Networks
✓ AI Driven Sentiment Analysis
✓ Information Retrieval and Document
✓ Intelligent Decision Making
Deep Learning
✓ Fog Computing
✓ Data Analytics and Computing
✓ Reinforcement Learning
✓ Image Processing
✓ Cognitive Networks
✓ Evolutionary Computing
✓ Genetic Algorithms
✓ Statistical Learning Methods
✓ Fuzzy Models
✓ Security and Privacy Methods in Deep
Big Data Analytics
✓ Foundational Theoretical or
Computational Models for Big Data
✓ Big Data Quality Evaluation and
Assurance Technologies
✓ Artificial Intelligence for Big Data
✓ Visualization Analytics for Big Data
✓ Real-Time Big Data Services and
✓ Big Data Services and Applications
for Healthcare
✓ Web Intelligence
✓ Cryptographic Algorithms and
✓ Web Mining and Graph Mining
✓ Machine Learning in Cloud

16 Jun 2022 Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Bangkok

Electronics Systems
Novel Digital Circuits and Systems
Non-Linear and Linear Circuits
Emerging Sensors and Sensing Systems
Sustainable and Energy-aware Electronics Systems
Bio-inspired Electronics Systems
Embedded Wireless Systems
Advanced VLSI Systems
Micro/Nano Electronic SystemsLow-Power Electronics
Electronic Device Assessment, test, and Reliability
RF Circuits and Applications
Flexible Electronics
Computational Electronics

Optical, Wireless, and Mobile Communication Systems
Novel Communication and Information Theory
Antenna and Wave propagation
Communication Protocols Design and Management
Communication Device Modeling, and Coding Analysis
5G Networks and Communication
Communication Network and Information Security
Internet of Things and Big Data
Novel Microwave Theories and Technologies
Sustainable Communication Technologies
Vehicle Communication Systems and Interne to Vehicles
AI for Wireless Communication Networks and Systems

22 Jun 2022 PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Power Converters
Electric Drives
Renewable Energy Systems
Electric Vehicles
Smart Grid Systems
Machine Learning & Data Analytics
Smart Grid
Computational Intelligence & Optimization
Internet of Things
Medical Electronics
Medical Photonics and Optics
Medical Photonics and Optics
implantable Electronics
Wearable Technology
Medical Devices
Wireless Communications & Networks
Optical Communications & Networks
Modulation and Coding Techniques
AD-HOC & Sensor Networks
Vehicular Networks
Mobility Models & Mobile Networks
Cognitive IOT
Device-To-Device (D2D) Communications
Social Network-Aware Wireless Network
5G & Beyond Communications
Cross-Layer Designs
Cognitive radio Systems and Networking
Computational fluid dynamics
Computer Aided Material Processing
General Machine Learning, Active Machine Learning
Fuzzy Learning
Kernel Based Learning
Regression Methods
Recurrent Neural Networks and its Applications
Tensor Learning
Multi-Scale Learning
Unsupervised Feature Learning
Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics
Healthcare and Clinical Decision Support
Collaborative Filtering
Computer Vision
Human Activity Recognition

28 Jun 2022 Saveetha School of Engineering Chennai

Call for Papers
Intelligent Computing Technologies
Fog/Edge Computing
Cloud/Mobile Cloud Computing
Internet Services and Applications
Computer Communication Networks
Smart Grid Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things as a Service
High Performance Computing
Soft Computing Approaches
Green and Sustainable Computing
Human-Centered Services
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Machine Learning
Fault-Tolerance, Reliability, and QoS
Social Computing and Networks
Cyber Physical Systems
Autonomic and Secured Computing
Biomedical Computation and Informatics
Computational Complexity
Knowledge and Data Engineering
Deep Learning and Autonomous Processing
Smart Distributed Computing Architectures
Intelligent Information and Control Systems
Big Data and Machine Learning
Information Retrieval
Information Modelling and Requirements Engineering
Web-based Information Systems
Human-Computer Interaction and Interfaces
Optimal and AI-based Control Techniques
Data Sensing, Fusion and Mining
Linear and Nonlinear Control
Robust and Adaptive Control
Robotics and Intelligent Control
Software Agents for Control Systems
Autonomous Control Strategies
Modeling and Control of Complex Systems
Distributed Control Systems
Intelligent Fault Detection and Identification
Fuzzy Logic Control
Neural Networks based Control Systems
Process Control and Optimization Algorithms
Machine Learning and Control Applications
Real-time Systems Control

29 Jun 2022 CARE College of Engineering Tiruchirappalli

• AI and Blockchain Paradigms for the changing world
• Antenna, Microwave and RF Engineering
• Humanitarian and Social impacts of Technologies
• Low power VLSI devices, Circuits and Systems
• Novel Education Technologies in the new normal
• Photonics Technologies
• Power Electronics and Systems
• Renewable Energy Technologies
• Sensors and IoT applications in Health and Agriculture
• Signal, Image and Video processing

01 Jul 2022 IIT Bombay Mumbai

Intelligent Information Systems
Data Management and Visualization
Data Mining Techniques
Big Data Intelligence
Information Retrieval Techniques
Image/Video Processing and Analysis
Data Integration Techniques
Web Data Management Techniques
Big Data Storage and Processing Architectures
Distributed and Parallel Databases
Access Control and Authorization Techniques
Natural Language Processing
Big Data as a Service
Data Pre-Processing Techniques
Multi-Structured Data Processing Techniques
Computational Modeling and Data Integration Techniques
Security and Privacy-Preserving Big Data Analytics
Cognitively Inspired Computing and Communications
Cognitive Foundation in Big Data
Cognitive Robotics
Autonomous Computing Technologies
Cognitive Information Processing Model
Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction Techniques
Deep Learning
Data-Driven Fuzzy Systems and Models
Cognition based Human-Machine Cooperation
Cognitive Interferences in Data Processing
Cognitive Information Theory
Neuro-Computing and Brain-System Interfaces
Knowledge Processors and Manipulations
Intelligent Decision Theories and Models
Distributed Data Intelligence Models
Cognitive Data Modeling and Mining Techniques
Smart Cities
Process Automation
Supply Chain and Logistics
Industrial Internet of Things
Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction Models
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Internet of Vehicles
Wearable and Personalized Technologies
Smart Virtual Environments
Mobile Technologies and Services
Gaming Theory
Smart User Interfaces
Multimedia and Video Processing

06 Jul 2022 SCAD College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Fog/Edge Computing, Social Computing, Cognitive Computing, Nature-Inspired Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Green Sustainable Computing, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Evolutionary Computation, Soft Computing Approaches, Collaborative Intelligence, Multimedia Computing, Mobile Computing, Bio-Inspired Intelligent Computing Technologies, and High Performance Computing models.

Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Approaches, Support Vector Machines, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web Intelligence & Models, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Smart User Interfaces and Visualization techniques, Robotics and Automation, Distributed Intelligent Systems, Patterns and Frameworks.

Intelligent Interfaces and Hybrid Systems, Embedded Systems, RF and Microwave Systems, Decision Support Systems, Big data models, Supervised and unsupervised Learning Models, Data Analytics and Visualization Models, Optimization Models, Emerging Nano scale devices, Scalable, reliable and robust architectures, Recommender Systems, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Healthcare, Social networks, Wearable technologies, Industries, Business Intelligence, Multimedia Applications, Digital library, E-commerce and E-Governance, Gaming Applications, Other use cases, and Applications.

20 Jul 2022 Nepal Nepal

Augmented and Virtual Reality
• Blockchain Technology
• Cloud Computing
• Computational Intelligence
• Computer Vision
• Data Analytics
• Data Sciences
• Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
• Edge & Fog Computing
• High Performance Computing
• Human Computer Interaction
• Image Processing
• Internet of Things
• Machine Learning
• Quantum Computing
• Remote Sensing and GIS
• Robotics and Automation
• Security & Cryptography
• Social Networking
• Wireless Communication

29 Jul 2022 Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology Chennai

5G Wireless Communications
• Wireless Sensor Networks
• Graphics and Image Processing
• Signal And Image Processing
• DSP Architectures
• Micro electronics, Circuits and Systems
• Low Power VLSI Circuits
• Remote Sensing
• Electromagnetics
• Antenna, Smart Antennas
• Microwave Engineering And Microwave Circuits
• Embedded Systems
• Biomedical Image Processing
• Machine Learning
• Millimeter Waves
• Internet Of Things
• Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
• Big Data
• Quantum Computing
• Green IT and IT for rural Engineering
• Mobile Computing and Applications
• Artificial Intelligence
• Optimization Algorithms
• Information Technologies
• Biomedical Signal Processing
• Broadband Mobile Communications
• MIMO Systems
• Deep Learning for Communication Systems
• Soft Computing
• Data Mining
• Intelligent Autonomous Systems
• Human Computer Interface
• Information Security
• Bioinformatics
• Wireless Networks and Information Security
• Network Security
• Next –generation Networking Technologies
• Computer Vision and Architecture
• Mobile Security
• Nano Computing
• Intelligent Computing in Sensors
• Intelligent and Computer Vision Instruments
• Measurement in Robotics
• Computational Nero Science
• Industrial Automation
• Analysis And Design Of Control Systems
• Power System Modeling And Analysis
• High Voltage Direct Current(HVDC)
• Power Electronics and Drives
• Electric Vehicle Technology
• Smart Grid
• Renewable Energy Systems
• Power System Protection
• Power Electronics and Drive Control Technics
• RFID and Cognitive Radio
• Ad-Hoc Networks
• Real Time Operating Systems

29 Jul 2022 Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science Warangal

A. Computational Intelligence
B. Smart Systems and Applications
C. IOT and Cloud Computing
D. Data science and AI
E.Control and Instrumentation
F.Signal Processing & Communication
G. Electrical Systems
• Adaptive And Intelligent Systems
• Advanced Affective Computing and Robotics
• Advanced Cognitive Computing
• Algorithms and Bioinformatics
• Architectures, Theory and Models
• Artificial Neural Networks
• Biomedical Informatics and Computation
• Blockchain Technology and Applications
• Fog Computing and Edge Computing
• Green Computing and Communications
• High Performance Computing and Networking
• Hybrid Computational Intelligence
• Information and It’s Technical Education
• Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
• Learning Classifiers
• Mobile and Wearable Computing
• Multimedia Systems & Services
• Parallel And Distributing Computing
• Big data system & Smart data outputs
• Computer Vision
• Database & Data Fusion and Mining
• Evolutionary algorithms
• Expert systems
• Fuzzy Logic System
• Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems
• Machine Learning
• Multi-agent system
• Natural Language Processing
• Reinforcing Learning and Deep Learning
• Support Vector Machines
• Swarm Intelligence
• Industry 4.0
• Smart Agriculture Technology
• Smart Cities and Green Development
• Smart Heath and Bioinformatic
• Smart Learning Technology
• Trust, Security and Privacy in Smart Systems
• Vehicular Networks and Systems
• Advanced Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
• Cloud Computing and applications
• Internet of vehicle (IOV)
• Communication protocol for IOV
• Internet of Everything (IOE)
• Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
• Internet-of-Drones
• Virtualization and Cloud Computing Management
• Web services and Web of Things
• Open topic for future IOT
• Systems for IoT and Services Computing

11 Aug 2022 Vimal Jyothi Engineering College Kannur

Human-machine interactions
Software platforms and systems for CPS
Architectures and networking for distributed CPS
Resource Management in large scale CPS
Mobile computing and devices for CPS
Big data system and data analytics for CPS
Security and privacy of CPS
Networking systems for CPS applications
Simulation of CPS applications
Cross-layer modeling and optimization for CPS
Intrusion detection, localization, and isolation in CPSs
Machine learning for CPS
Model-based design and verification of CPS
Game theory and CPS applications

Embedded software for IoT
IoT as-a-service
IoT Enabling Technologies
Interoperability and Advanced Interaction in IoT
Edge and fog computing for IoT
Data analysis, computer vision, and machine learning in IoT
Tools and infrastructure for IoT testing, analysis & verification
Testing and formal verification techniques for IoT
Middleware and service development for IoT
IoT in smart environments
Mobile and Wearable Devices
Security and privacy-preserving IoT architectures
Energy efficiency and sustainability in IoT

11 Aug 2022 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things
B5G/6G-aware Edge/Fog Networks
Power-Aware Networking
QoS and Green Computing
Green Data Centers and Communications Architectures
Smart Resource Management and Optimization
Low power Communication Technologies
Virtualization for Green Computing
Remote Sensing for Sustainability
Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability
Interoperability and Back Compatibility in Telecommunications
Mobile Computing Systems
Network Protocol and Congestion Control
Sustainable Urban Mobility
Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet-Enabled Infrastructures for Sustainability
QoS challenges in autonomous networks
Sustainable Design and Smart Cities
User-Centered Services and Systems
Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Micro & Nano-Electronics
Distributed Signal Technologies
Multimedia Systems & Control
MEMS & Sensor Technologies
Computer Architecture and Advanced VLSI
Networked-Driven Multicore Chips
3D Process and Integration Technologies
Wearable and Flexible Electronics
Industrial Process Control
Real-Time Systems
Advanced Fault Detection Techniques

17 Aug 2022 Hindusthan Institute of Technology Coimbatore


24 Aug 2022 Ideal institute of Management and Technology Delhi

Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Data Centers
Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability
Computing for Sustainability
Energy-Efficient Software Engineering Practices
Environmentally sustainable technologies
Sustainability aware system development
Sustainable process control and automation
Sustainable practices in future generation smart systems
Reliable and Energy-efficient systems
Sustainable Informatics and Optimization
Security, privacy, and trust
Sustainable Communication Models
Sustainable Management Systems
Intelligent Embedded Systems
Cloud Computing and High-performance Computing

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Human-Computer Interaction
Knowledge Engineering
Machine Vision and Analysis
Ubiquitous Computing
Expert Systems Development
Fuzzy Sets and logic
Machine learning
Hybrid intelligent systems
Big Data
Natural language processing
Multi-agent systems
Neural networks
Intelligent System Architectures
Problem-solving Methods
Smart Autonomous Systems

09 Sep 2022 Tribhuvan University Nepal

Call for Paper
Electronics Systems
Virtual Reality
Automation Systems
Micro Electronics
Semiconductor Devices
Opto Electronics
Computer and Control Systems
Wavelets & Applications
Multi Carrier Modulation
MIMO Systems
Electromagnetics Engineering
RF Circuit Design

Communication Systems
Data Communication and Computer Networking
Cryptography Applications
High Speed Networks
Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
Optical Networking
Network Based Applications
Network Security
Internet of Things
Next Generation Web Applications
Recent Trends in Computer Networks
Wireless Sensor and Adhoc Network
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques

Computing and Application
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data
Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing
Cognitive Science
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Evolutionary Optimization
Information Theoretic Learning
Sustainable Computing
Human-Computer Interaction
Recent Trends in Software Engineering

15 Sep 2022 PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Computing Models and Applications
Network Virtualization and Visualization
Social Computing
Soft Computing Algorithms and Models
Smart Computing Architectures
Ubiquitous / Pervasive Computing
Cognitive Computing models
High Performance Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Green Cloud Computing
Smart Cloud Computing Architectures
Computational Aspects in Information Systems

Smart Network Science
Artificial Neural Networks
Sentiment Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Social Network Mining
Computing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Network Service-based Grid Computing
Computing in Internet of Things
Smart Vehicular Communication Models
Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics
Computing Networks Ethics
Mobile Information Systems
Web Intelligence and Applications
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning and Optimization
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data
Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing
Cognitive Science
Component Analysis
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Digital Image Processing
Evolutionary Optimization
Information Theoretic Learning
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques
Multi Agent Systems
Multimedia Technologies
Optimization Technique
Recent Trends in Machine Learning
Robotics and Automation
Statistical Learning

21 Sep 2022 RVS College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore Coimbatore

Big data algorithms, architecture and applications
Cloud computing architecture, trust management and applications
Cyber physical systems and IoT
Context aware computing
Security and privacy concerns in current computing scenarios
Cognitive technology
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
1. Architecture
o Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
o Cloud Platform as a Service
o Cloud federation and hybrid cloud infrastructure
o Programming models and systems/tools
o Green data center
o Networking technologies for data center
o Cloud system design with FPGA, GPU, and APU
o Monitoring, management and maintenance
o Economic and business models
o Dynamic resource provisioning

2. MapReduce
o Performance characterization and optimization
o MapReduce on multi-core, GPU
o MapReduce on hybrid distributed environments
o MapReduce on opportunistic / heterogeneous computing systems
o Extension of the MapReduce programming model
o Debugging and simulation of MapReduce systems
o Data-intensive applications using MapReduce
o Optimized storage for MapReduce applications
o Fault-tolerance & Self-capabilities

3. Security and Privacy
o Accountability
o Audit in clouds
o Authentication and authorization
o Cryptographic primitives
o Reliability and availability
o Trust and credential management
o Usability and security
o Security and privacy in clouds
o Legacy systems migration
o Cloud Integrity and Binding Issues

4. Services and Applications
o Cloud Service Composition
o Query and discovery models for cloud services
o Trust and Security in cloud services
o Change management in cloud services
o Organization models of cloud services
o Innovative cloud applications and experiences
o Business process and workflow management
o Service-Oriented Architecture in clouds

5. Virtualization
o Server, storage, network virtualization
o Resource monitoring
o Virtual desktop
o Resilience, fault tolerance
o Modeling and performance evaluation
o Security aspects
o Enabling disaster recovery, job migration
o Energy efficient issues

6. HPC on Cloud
o Load balancing for HPC clouds
o Middleware framework for HPC clouds
o Scalable scheduling for HPC clouds
o HPC as a Service
o Performance Modeling and Management
o Programming models for HPC clouds
o HPC cloud applications
o Optimal cloud deployment for HPC

7. Big Data Science and Foundations
o Novel Theoretical Models for Big Data
o New Computational Models for Big Data
o Data and Information Quality for Big Data
o New Data Standards

8. Big Data Infrastructure
o Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing for Big Data
o High Performance/Parallel Computing Platforms for Big Data
o Autonomic Computing and Cyber-infrastructure, System Architectures, Design and Deployment
o Energy efficient Computing for Big Data
o Programming Models and Environments for Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing to Support Big Data
o Software Techniques and Architectures in Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing
o Big Data Open Platforms
o New Programming Models for Big Data beyond Hadoop/MapReduce, STORM
o Software Systems to Support Big Data Computing

9. Big Data Management
o Advanced database and Web Applications
o Novel Data Model and Databases for Emerging Hardware
o Data Preservation
o Data Provenance
o Interfaces to Database Systems and Analytics Software Systems
o Data Protection, Integrity and Privacy Standards and Policies
o Information Integration and Heterogeneous and Multi-structured Data Integration
o Data management for Mobile and Pervasive Computing
o Data Management in the Social Web
o Crowd sourcing
o Spatiotemporal and Stream Data Management
o Scientific Data Management
o Workflow Optimization
o Database Management Challenges: Architecture, Storage, User Interfaces

10. Big Data Search and Mining
o Social Web Search and Mining
o Web Search
o Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
o Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
o Big Data Search Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
o Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning, and Best Practices
o Visualization Analytics for Big Data
o Computational Modeling and Data Integration
o Large-scale Recommendation Systems and Social Media Systems
o Cloud/Grid/Stream Data Mining- Big Velocity Data
o Link and Graph Mining
o Semantic-based Data Mining and Data Pre-processing
o Mobility and Big Data

11. Big Data Security & Privacy
o Intrusion Detection for Gigabit Networks
o Anomaly and APT Detection in Very Large Scale Systems
o High Performance Cryptography
o Visualizing Large Scale Security Data
o Threat Detection using Big Data Analytics
o Privacy Threats of Big Data
o Privacy Preserving Big Data Collection/Analytics
o HCI Challenges for Big Data Security & Privacy
o User Studies for any of the above
o Sociological Aspects of Big Data Privacy

12. Big Data Applications
o Complex Big Data Applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Healthcare, Finance
o Business, Law, Education
o Transportation, Retailing, Telecommunication
o Big Data Analytics in Small Business Enterprises (SMEs)
o Big Data Analytics in Government, Public Sector and Society in General
o Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics
o Big Data as a Service
o Big Data Industry Standards
o Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments

13. Recent trends
o Semantic Cloud
o Mobile Cloud
o e-Healthcare Applications in Cloud
o Cloud analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)
o Smart Grid
o Fog Computing
o Edge Computing
o Deep Learning

22 Sep 2022 VIT University Chennai Campus Chennai

Case Reports on Anesthesia & Pain Management
Case Reports on Cardiology
Case Reports on Anatomy
Case Reports on Dentistry
Case Reports on Diabetes
Case Reports on Emergency Medicine
Case Reports on Endocrinology
Case Reports on Gastroenterology
Case Reports on Geriatrics
Case Reports on Hematology
Case Reports on Hepatology
Case Reports on Medicine
Case Reports on Nephrology

21 Oct 2022 Medwide Group Miami


27 Oct 2022 Medwide groups France

• Neuroscience and Neurology
• Neuroimmunology
• Psychiatry
• Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Psychology and Mental Health
• Paediatric Neurology
• Adult Neurogenesis and Cell Biology
• Neuroinfections and Neuroinflammation
• Neuropharmacology and Neuroendocrinology
• Alzheimer Disease, Ageing and Dementia
• Stroke and Trauma
• Neurosurgery
• Brain and Neurological Disorders
• Neuroimaging and pathology
• Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case studies
• Neurological Complications of COVID_19

14 Nov 2022 Scientex Paris

Computational Vision

Interactive Computational Models
3D Vision and Advanced Perception
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Applications
Machine Learning Techniques
Early Vision Techniques
Multi-Sensory Data Fusion Models
Computational Geometry
Augmented reality
Image-related Computing Techniques
Multidimensional and Multisensor Machine Vision
Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization
Efficient Training and Inference Methods
Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Optimization and Learning Methods
Visual Reasoning and Logical Representation

Bio-Inspired Computing

Neuro Generative Models
Probabilistic reasoning
Neural Networks and Brain-inspired Computing
Neuromorphic Computing and Architectures
Cellular Automata and Cellular Neural Networks
Evolutionary Computing and Swarm Intelligence
Fuzzy Logic and Systems
Multi-agent systems
DNA and Molecular Computing
Machine Learning and Deep learning Models
Bio-Inspired Methodology Analysis Tools
Rough Sets and Stochastic Processes
Bio-Inspired Computation with Big Data
Bioinformatics and other bio-inspired applications
Artificial Society and Innovative Models
Probabilistic Reasoning and Scheduling Algorithms

18 Nov 2022 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

05 Dec 2022 Pulsus Dubai