List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in October 2021.

PPT Topics in 39 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City


29 Oct 2021 Karpagam Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Innovative presentations are invited on the following topics

29 Oct 2021 Hindusthan Institute of Technology Coimbatore


29 Oct 2021 Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore

All papers will undergo a double blind peer review process and the criteria for acceptance will be based on quality, originality, technical content and relevance.

Accordingly, Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
Data Mining
Scalable data preprocessing
Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
Mining on data streams
Graph and subgraph mining
Methodologies on large-scale data mining
Text, video, multimedia data mining
Web mining
High performance data mining algorithms
Data mining visualization
Security and privacy issues
Competitive analysis of mining algorithms
Data mining systems in finance and e-commerce
Big data
Massive data mining
Data stream mining
Time series
Methodologies for Robotics and Automation
Micro Mechatronics
Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Biomedical and Instrumentation.
Industrial Engineering
Quality Engineering & Management
Power Systems Engineering
High Voltage Engineering
Control and Instrumentation Engineering
Power Electronics and Drives
Electrical Drives and Embedded control
Embedded System Technologies
VLSI Design
Medical Electronics
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Engineering
Multimedia Technology
Systems Engineering and Operations Research
Communication & Networking
Computer Applications.
Automated Systems.
Computational Mathematics.
Computational Intelligence.
Digital Computing System.
Electronic Data Systems.
Information Communication.
Recent trend in Mechanical Engineering.
Energy Engineering.
Signal and Speech Processing
Micro processors and Micro Controllers
Antennas and Wave Propagation
RF and Microwave Systems
Ad- hoc Networks
Emerging Issues in 4G and 5G Networks
MEMS, Wireless Sensor Networks
System on Chip (SoC)
Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
Analog and Digital Communication
Wireless Communication
Optical and Mobile Communication
Satellite Communication
Soft Computing, Parallel Systems
Green Computing
Mobile Computing
Digital Image Processing
Cloud Computing
Information and Web Security
Big Data Analytics
Grid Computing
Software Engineering
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Computer Architecture ,Algorithms and Analysis
Internet of Things (IoT)
Power Electronics
Electro Magnetic Fields
Electrical Machine Design
Embedded Systems
Renewable Energy Sources
Nano technology
Nuclear physics
Laser technology
Fuzzy logic
Optimization techniques
Graph theory
Queuing theory
Data Mining Techniques
Energy-Aware Computing

30 Oct 2021 Cheran College of Engineering Karur

Any Topic

30 Oct 2021 Kongu Engineering College Erode

1) ROBO-TECHNOVATION - Unleash ideas in the field of Robotics and Automation.
2) ECO-LUOMUS - Find a clever solution for environmental problems around us such as pollution and their effect on health, hydric stress and water scarcity, waste management, and adaptation and uncountable
number of things that pose a problem to our environment.
3) MEDTECH - Application of science and technology to develop solutions to medical problems.
4) SI-NNOVATION - A platform for embedded engineers to present ideas in the field of Electronic Chips and Integration.
5) X-PECTRUM - Ignite the curiosity of the evolution of anything and everything around us.

30 Oct 2021 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore

Bio Sensor

30 Oct 2021 GRT Institute of Engineering and Technology Tiruttani

Scope: All Branches, Subjects, and Concepts

07 Nov 2021 IIRM SDT Chirala

New Approaches in Automation and Robotics
Robotics and its application
AI-Based Methods & Applications
Human-Machine Interface
Medical Robotics
Humanoid Robots: New Developments, Industrial Robots
Walking and Climbing Robots
Automation Systems
Machine learning Methods
Micro and Nano-robotics, Field Robots
Rapid Proto-typing and 3D Printing Technology
Robot Localization and Mapping
Unsupervised and Supervised Learning
Drones, Educational and Re habitation robots
Human Detection & Tracking
Computational Intelligence
Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry, Robotics in Construction, Robotics in Hazardous Fields

08 Nov 2021 Allied Academies Rome

Track 1: Wireless Communication and Automation
Wireless communication theory and standardization
Sustainable and energy efficient wireless networks
Security and privacy of wireless networks
Cognitive wireless communications
Future wireless communication services and applications
5G-and-beyond wireless networks

Track 2: Internet of Things [IoT] Technologies
Data science for Internet of Things [IoT]
Decentralized and distributed communication infrastructures
Low-latency and high reliability wireless communications
Edge and cloud computing for Internet of Things [IoT]
Internet of Connected Things and Internet of People
Blockchain for secured IoT infrastructures
Intelligent Internet of Things
Social Internet of Things and web intelligence

Track 3: Data Science and Engineering
Network mining technologies
Intelligent information retrieval techniques
Big data analytics in IoT infrastructures
Data driven IoT services and models
Adaptive data mining algorithms and models
Data mining based edge IoT systems
Information and data semantics for IoT models
Data mining for cybersecurity

Track 4: Sensors, Circuits, and Systems
Advances sensors and social sensing technologies
Sensors and machine vision for automated IoT systems
Advanced sensing and autonomous sensors fusion
Smart interface circuits for IoT systems
Fault diagnosis and interconnected systems
Artificial Intelligence-driven smart sensing techniques
Multi-mode sensor fusion techniques
Embedded sensors for intelligent IoT systems

Track 5: Robotics and Automation
Mobile Internet of Things models and architectures
IoT based wearable robotics
Autonomous and networked robotic systems
Human-machine interaction
Multimodal robotics and interactivity for intelligent IoT environments
Mobile platform for autonomous IoT systems
Performance evaluation methods
Reliable and fault-tolerant design solutions
Cloud based IoT and automation models
Intelligent coordination and control in IoT environments

11 Nov 2021 SCAD Institute of Technology Coimbatore

· AI and Machine Learning
· Computational Intelligence
· Big Data Analytics
· Intelligent systems
· Data Mining and Warehousing
· Web Mining
· Human Computer Interaction
· Soft Computing Techniques
· Cyber-Physical Systems
· Cryptography and Data Security
· Data Science
· Image and Pattern Recognition
· Natural Language Processing
· Video Processing
· Bio-medical Informatics
· Virtual and e-Learning
· Image-based 3D Reconstruction
· Augmented and Virtual Reality
· Vision for autonomous vehicles
· Robot Vision
· Smart City Applications
· IoT and Industry4.0

11 Nov 2021 PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research Coimbatore

1. Advanced Fabrics
2. Eco-tech
3. Innovations In Weaving
4. Competitiveness In Textile Industry
5. Fashion And Sustainability
6. E-Commerce Area In Textile Industry
7. Health Care And Medical Textiles
8. 4.0 Automation And Innovation Of Ai In Textile Technology
9. Recent Innovations In PPE
10. Textiles For Acoustics

12 Nov 2021 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode

F1 Race Track circuit Dynamics
Race car Geometry Design
Spoilers - Aerodynamics Drag on High Speed Breaking
High Gravitational Traction force on Track
Diffuser - Air flow control for Engine
Turbo Engine - Fuel burning ,High speed Jet Exit
Formula car control and Stability on Race Track
Software Domain - CAE

13 Nov 2021 Sky Aerospace Bengaluru

All fields in Engineering & Technology & Management

13 Nov 2021 Kishori Raman Post Graduate College Mathura

Themes and categories for abstract submission:

Research and Innovation

Open Innovation related to the theme.
Recent emerging technologies in Science and Engineering for Rural Development.

13 Nov 2021 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode

Papers are invited from industrial persons,
academician, research scholars PG, and UG
students from every institution in the following
area. Selected Papers will be endorsed for Scopus
indexed and UGC approved journals with extra
 Advanced Materials
 Advanced Welding Techniques
 Composite Manufacturing
 Biomaterials and Surface Engineering
 Mechatronics
 Heat & Mass Transfer
 Alternative fuels
 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
 Industrial Engineering
 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
 Renewable Energy Technology
 Production Engineering & Automation
 Advances in Automobile Engineering
 Hybrid vehicles and its integration
 Smart Construction materials
 Rapid Prototyping
 Lean Manufacturing
 Optimization Techniques
 Machine Design
 Waste Disposal and Recycling
 Nano Technology
 Green Manufacturing
 Future Energy Technologies
 Any other Related Area.

18 Nov 2021 Jai Shriram Engineering College Tirupur

All papers will undergo a double blind peer review process and the criteria for acceptance will be based on quality, originality, technical content and relevance.

Accordingly, Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
5G Technology and Implementations
Broadband, and Low Latency Solutions for 5G
Hybrid Digital and Analog Beamforming
MIMO and Multi antenna communications
Internet-of-Things / Devices
Cooperative Communication
Wireless Body Area Networks
Full Duplex Systems
Cognitive and Software-Defined Radio
V2V, M2M and D2D communications
Energy Efficient Protocol and Routing
Modelling, Estimation and Equalization of wireless channels
Optical, Satellite, and Underwater communications
Wireless Energy Harvesting
Millimeter Wave Communication

Cryptography, Security and Privacy algorithms
Network Information and Coding Theory
Signal Processing for Communications
Radar and Sonar Signal Processing
Nonlinear and Statistical Signal Processing
Graph Signal Processing
Signal Detection, Estimation and Array Processing
Signal and Information Processing Over Networks
Optimization and Space-time processing
Physical, Optical and Biosensors
VLSI Signal Processing
Microstrip Antennas, Arrays, And Circuits
Reflector and Reflect Array Antennas
Broadband/Ultra-Wideband Antennas
Multi-Band, Adaptive and Smart Antennas
Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays
Vehicular Antennas and Electromagnetics
Photonic Devices and Materials
Optical Communication and Networking
RF, RFID and MMIC Design
THz Devices and Circuits
Technologies for Healthcare.
Theories and techniques for wireless power transfer
Devices and systems for short-distance wireless power transfer
Industrial applications, issues and regulations
Microwave/mm-Wave wireless power transfer and RF energy harvesting
Biomedical and healthcare applications
Emerging techniques and applications Wireless power transmission
Wireless power transfer and energy harvesting
Wireless power transfer technologies
Wireless power transmission systems
Optimization of wireless power transmission
Power control methods
Wireless energy transmission methods
Modelling the wireless power transfer system

Wireless communication techniques and models
Application models and performance issues
Near-field power transmission
Power management and power electronics
Wireless power transmission for electronic devices
Short-range wireless power transmission
Wireless power transmission for portable wireless power charging
Application models and performance issues
Future challenges in smart cities
IoT Protocols And Transports
Security for IoT
Wearable Devices,
IoT Architectures & Protocol
IoT’s Impact on 5G
IoT System Architecture
IoT Enabling Technologies
Social Acceptance of IoT Systems
Web Intelligence and Computing
Swarm Intelligence
Mobile Computing
Sensor Networks and Social Sensing
Wireless Mesh Networks
Wireless Networks Management
Wireless Protocols and Architectures
Multi-Agent Systems
Medicine, Health, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology
Industrial and Engineering Applications
Security Applications
Smart Cities
Game Playing and Problem Solving
Intelligent Virtual Environments
Smart Factory Ecosystem
Smart Wireless Connectivity (5G/B5G and Satellite Communications)
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTs)
Adaptive I4.0 Architecture

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and automation
Additive Manufacturing
Cloud Computing
Business 4.0
Management and information interoperability
Smart Cities
Smart Energy Systems
Cloud Computing for Industry 4.0
Support System for Industry 4.0
Flexibility and Agility
Industry 4.0 - Strategy and Operations
Export Competitiveness
Distributed manufacturing
Planning and scheduling in Industry 4.0
Performance Management in Industry 4.0
Logistics and SCM in Industry 4.0 and Ripple Effect
Block chain technology for Industry 4.0

20 Nov 2021 Cheran College of Engineering Karur

Adaptive fuzzy pattern recognition
Agent based modeling and fuzzy logic.
Artificial Life and Artificial Immune Systems.
Autonomy-Oriented Computing.
Bio Sensors.
Bio-based models and paradigms in computer vision.
Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics.
Bio-inspired Fuzzy Clustering, Image Classification.
Bio-inspired fuzzy logic controllers for power system stabilizers.
Bio-inspired fuzzy models applied to cloud computing.
Biological Computing.
Biological vision to artificial vision.
Biologically inspired imaging and sensing.
Biologically inspired sensors design.
Cellular and Molecular Automata.
Cognitive concept learning under the environment of big data.
Complex data analysis: preprocessing and processing and other real life static and dynamic problems.
Computational complexity.
Computational Neuroscience.
Bio Security.
Computer Vision Methods for Bioinformatics.
Data Fusion, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
DNA and Molecular Computing.
DNA Nanotechnology.
Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms.
Expert Systems.
Eye-based biometric recognition systems.
Fuzziness application in big data.
Fuzzy logic approaches in Evolutionary Computation.
Fuzzy-Neural and Hybrid schemes in adaptive estimation and control.
Granular computing based concept learning algorithms for big data.
Human Computer Interaction.
Learning based on Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems.
Machine Learning and Decision Science.
Mathematical foundations of formal concept analysis for incremental computing.
Mathematical models of granular computing for parallel computing.
Microelectronics for Fuzzy and Bio-inspired Systems.
Multiobjective Bio-inspired Fuzzy Systems.
Multi-granularity and multi layered models of concept lattice.
Neuro-fuzzy technologies for medical and bioengineering applications.
Unconventional and biologically inspired signal/image processing.
Visual-based interactive robotics.
Image processing in IoT.
Image processing in Bio medical applications.

25 Nov 2021 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

All Fields in Engineering & Technology and Management

27 Nov 2021 Sri Venkataramana Swamy College Bantwal

Call for Paper
Communication Technologies
Digital Communication Technologies
Satellite Communication Technologies
Wireless Network Communication Technologies
Mobile Communication
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Computer Network Communications
Communication Modeling Theories and Practices
5G Communication and Networks
Green Communication Systems
Network and Information Security Techniques
Multimedia Communication Frameworks
Microwave Communication Networks and Technologies

Digital Electronics
Power and Applied Electronics
Electro Technologies
Nanoelectronics and Microelectronics
Semiconductor Technologies
Power Electronics and Drive Systems
Power Systems Reliability and Security
Real-time Systems
Cognitive Electronics
Applied Electronics
Advanced VLSI Systems
Advanced Computer Architectures
Embedded Processors and Networking
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Navigational Electronics

Artificial Intelligence Technology and Applications
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Theories and Applications
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning Techniques
Deep Learning Technologies
Decision Support Systems
Automated Expert Systems
Intelligent Information Systems
AI and Evolutionary Algorithms
Neural Networks and Applications
Intelligent user Interface Technologies

Adaptive Control Systems
Mobile and Autonomous Systems
Multi-agent Collaborative Systems
Robotics and Engineering Applications
Brain-Machine Interfaces
Networked Robotics
Multi Robotic Systems
Distributed Systems
Nanobots and Novel Sensors
Robotics and Industrial Monitoring
Virtual Systems

Aerospace Technologies
Advances in Aerospace Technologies
Aerospace Robotics and Mechatronics
Aviation Human Factors
Aerodynamic Forces and Flexibility
Aircraft Mapping and Navigation
Ballistic Tracking Technologies
Aerospace Communication Techniques
Remote Sensing Technologies

02 Dec 2021 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

Topics of Interest include (but not limited to...)
●Nanomaterials & Nano particulates
● Advanced Ceramics
● High Performance Composites
● Materials for Electronics and Photonics
● Smart Biomaterials
● Non linear Materials
● Nano-fibrous materials
● Optical Materials
● Diffraction Studies
● Self-healing Materials
● Fracture of Materials
● Magnetic Materials
● Materials Synthesis & Processing

● Materials Theory, Computation, and Design
● Metals and Alloys
● Metallic Glasses
● Organic & Inorganic Elements
● Thermoplastic & Thermosetting Polymers
● Thermal Interface & Insulation Materials
● Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage
● Energy Exchange smart Materials
● Solar Photovoltaic Cells
● Fuel-cell Materials

03 Dec 2021 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Sathyamangalam

Call for Paper
Data Communication and Computer Networks
Network Based Applications Network Security
Next-Generation Web
Future Computer Networks
Wireless and Adhoc Networks
Wireless Multimedia Systems
High-Speed Networks
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN
Optical Networking

Internet of Things
Big Data Analytics
Device-to-Device and Networking Technologies
Sensor Networks
Cloud Computing
Crowd-Sourcing and Opportunistic Networks
Data Analysis and Decision Automation
Large-Scale Data Management
Efficient Resource Management Techniques
Peer-to-Peer/Machine-to-Machine Protocols
User-Oriented and Context-Aware IoT Devices
Network Scalability and Robustness
Modeling and Communication Transparency
Performance Evaluation Techniques

Wireless Communication
Network Localization Techniques
Wireless Network Estimation and Processing
Sensor and Ad-hoc Networks
Network Mobility and Handoff Management
Mobile and Wireless IP
Wireless Multicasting and Routing
Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management
Network Congestion and Control
Wireless Network Security and Privacy
Performance of E2E Network Protocols

Big Data
Models and Algorithms
Big Data Analysis Architectures
Data Management, Security and Privacy
Data Mining and Visualization
Real-time Big Data Analytics
Big Data in Smart City Models and Applications

Cloud Computing
Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Management and Operations
Cloud Security and Privacy
Performance, Scalability and Reliability
Cloud-based Data Analytics
Software Engineering Practices

09 Dec 2021 Vaigai College of Engineering Madurai

Communication and Networks:
5G & and Next Generation Technologies,
Massive MIMO,
Wireless Communication,
Antenna Theory,
RF and Microwave Comm. Optical Commun.
Machine Learning for Communication,
Satellite Communication systems
Networks & Security,
Cognitive Radio Networks,
Software Defined Networks,
D2D Communication Open Spectrum Solutions,
Signal Processing, Sensors and Networks

Circuits and Systems
Analog and Digital Circuits,
Nano Technologies,
Power Electronics,
Digital system design and verification and MEMS,
Neural Processors,
Energy Efficient Computing Systems
Reliable and Fault Tolerant Designs
Battery management system,
Power electronics applications,
Electrical drives and control,
Power system analysis,
Renewable energy sources,
Instrumentation Networks and Software Mechanical,
Force and Tactile Sensors,
Biological Inspired Sensors,
System Modelling and analysis, VLSI Design, RF Circuits.

Data Science & Computing
Big Data Analytics,
Artificial Intelligence,
Internet of Cognitive Things,
Deep Learning,
Computational optimization,
Pattern, Image, and Object Recognition,
Image Processing,
Human Computer Interaction,
Edge Computing,
SDDC and Cloud Computing

Industrial Automation
Products for Industry 4.0,
IoTfor smart factories,
Smart cities,
Machine Intelligence for disaster
Smart manufacturing,
Remote sensing & GIS,
Design Automation,
Robotics and Automation,
Autonomous Vehicles,
E-Vehicle modelingand control,

16 Dec 2021 CMR Institute of Technology Bengaluru Bengaluru

Computational Material Science
Eco friendly and Sustainable Materials
Energy Efficient Materials
Green Nano Materials
Material Physics
Materials for Control and Communication Systems
Materials for High Voltage Applications
Materials for High Voltage Applications
Materials for Low power Integrated Circuits and Systems
Materials for Medical Electronics
Materials for Power Electronics Circuits and Systems
Materials for Renewable Energy Systems
Materials for Sensor Technology
Materials for Wearable Electronics
Nano Materials
Role of Materials in Bio Technology
Simulation, Modelling and Control of Smart Materials Integrated Circuits and Systems
Smart Materials

22 Dec 2021 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode

AI & Machine Learning, Network Performance Analysis, Data Mining & Warehousing, Parallel & Distributed Networks, Web Mining, Internet of Things Networks, Computational Intelligence, Wireless Sensor Networks, Big Data Analytics, Social & Smart Networks, IoT Architectures & Protocol, Software Defined Networks, IoT’s impact on 5G, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, Cloud & Fog Computing, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Grid & Cluster Computing, Delay Tolerant Networks, Embedded & Green Computing, Fault Tolerant Networks, Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing, Body Area Networks, High Performance Computing, Opportunistic Networks, Image & Pattern Recognition, Cognitive Radio Networks, Natural Language Processing, Satellite Communication, Human Computer Interaction, Cryptography & Data Security, Speech & Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Bio-medical Informatics, Cyber-Physical Systems, Virtual & e-Learning, Smart City Applications

23 Dec 2021 Ramadevi Women's University Bhubaneswar

Data Communication and Computer Networks
Network Based Applications
Network Security
Next-Generation Web
Future Computer Networks
Wireless and Adhoc Networks
Wireless Multimedia Systems
High-Speed Networks
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN
Optical Networking
Internet of Things
Big Data Analytics
Device-to-Device and Networking Technologies
Sensor Networks
Cloud Computing
Crowd-Sourcing and Opportunistic Networks
Data Analysis and Decision Automation
Large-Scale Data Management
Efficient Resource Management Techniques
Peer-to-Peer/Machine-to-Machine Protocols
User-Oriented and Context-Aware IoT Devices
Network Scalability and Robustness
Modeling and Communication Transparency
Performance Evaluation Techniques
Wireless Communication
Network Localization Techniques
Wireless Network Estimation and Processing
Sensor and Ad-hoc Networks
Network Mobility and Handoff Management
Mobile and Wireless IP
Wireless Multicasting and Routing
Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management
Network Congestion and Control
Wireless Network Security and Privacy
Performance of E2E Network Protocols
Big Data
Models and Algorithms
Big Data Analysis Architectures
Data Management, Security and Privacy
Data Mining and Visualization
Real-time Big Data Analytics
Big Data in Smart City Models and Applications
Cloud Computing
Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Management and Operations
Cloud Security and Privacy
Performance, Scalability and Reliability
Cloud-based Data Analytics
Software Engineering Practices

06 Jan 2022 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

Call for Papers
• Agent Communication and Network
• Web Intelligent
• Web Services
• Data Center and Cloud Networking
• Embedded Software for Sensor Networks
• Middleware in Sensor Networks
• Multimedia Sensor Network
• Network Virtualization
• Protocols in Sensor Networks
• Sensor Network Security
• Sensor Networks for Smart Grids
Smart Systems
• Future Smart Computing Paradigms
• Models of Smart Environments
• Algorithms for Smart Computing
• Smart Energy Management and Analytics
• Nano-Electronics
• Power Electronic Devices and Components
• Analog and Mixed Signal ICs
• Data Base
• Big Data
• Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
• Data Mining and Web Mining
• Database Management Systems
Software Engineering
• Agent Oriented Software Engineering
• Component-Based Software Engineering
• Software Architectures
• Software Dependability Evaluation
• Software Design Patterns
• Software Project Management
• Software Reverse Engineering
• Software Testing Tools
• Cryptography
• Data Communications
• Grid Computing
• Information and Network Security
• Mobile Computing
• Network Management
• Services Oriented Architecture
• Storage Area Networks
• Wireless Communication
Internet of Things (IoT)
• Internet of Things Architecture
• Social Acceptance of IoT Systems
• Architecture and Systems Design
• Interface and Control Systems
• IoT Analytics
• Security of Things
• Location Privacy in IoT
• Cognitive IoT

20 Jan 2022 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

✓ Cloud-as-a-Service
✓ Cloud-centered Sustainable Networks
✓ Data & Storage Architectures
✓ Green Data Centers
✓ Architectures for Data Processing
✓ Big Data Analytics
✓ Data Interoperability
✓ Intelligent Optimization Techniques and
✓ Data Security and Privacy Challenges
✓ Dynamic Resource Management Techniques
✓ Data and Sustainable Information Networks
✓ Data Simulation and Modeling Techniques
✓ Quality of Service
✓ Distributed and Parallel Processing
✓ Sustainable Cloud Service Automation
✓ Sustainable Edge-Cloud Applications
✓ Innovative Access Control Techniques
✓ Fault Tolerance, Flexibility, Reliability and
✓ Industry and Business Specific Cloud Models
✓ Case Studies and Innovative Applications
✓ Intelligent Information Systems
✓ Smart User Interfaces
✓ Artificial Intelligence
✓ Expert Systems
✓ Machine Learning
✓ Deep Learning
✓ Knowledge-based Systems
✓ Innovative Knowledge Discovery
✓ Computer and Machine Vision
✓ Web Intelligence
✓ Pervasive Computing
✓ Computational Intelligence Models
✓ Problem Solving Models
✓ Intelligent Search Optimization
✓ Emotional Intelligence
✓ Fuzzy Sets
✓ Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment
✓ Human-Computer Interaction Techniques
✓ Multi-Agent Systems
✓ Natural Language Processing
✓ Cognitive Science
✓ Neural Networks
✓ New Algorithms and Models
✓ Cyber-Physical Systems & IoT
✓ Smart Healthcare
✓ Smart Cities
✓ Smart Networking Environments

03 Feb 2022 GITAM University Bengaluru Campus Bengaluru

Intelligent Communications Technologies
• Advanced 5G/6G Network Architectures
• Intelligent Communication Environments
• Internet of Things [IoT]
• Communication Security, Standards, and
• Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer
Interaction Models
• Millimetre and Terahertz Communications
• Big Data Mining and Data-Driven
Communication Models
• Collaborative Communication Models
• Security, Privacy and Trust
Communication Technologies
• Social Interaction and Mobile
• Internet Virtualization and Cloud
• Machine Learning and Wireless
Communication Research
• Wearable Computing and Communication
• Virtual Reality and Extended Reality
• Ubiquitous Computing and Communication
• Cooperative and Cognitive Virtual
• Network Traffic Analysis and Modelling
• Next-Generation Adaptable and Automated
Virtual Networks

10 Feb 2022 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

▪ Intelligent Systems
▪ Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
▪ Agent and Multi Agent Systems
▪ Intelligent Business Systems
▪ Machine Intelligence
▪ Computer Vision
▪ Pattern Recognition
▪ Web Intelligence
▪ Intelligent Software Engineering Models
▪ Fuzzy Systems
▪ Brain-Computer Interface
▪ Computational Intelligence
▪ Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques
▪ Mobile Computing and Intelligence
▪ Virtual Environments
▪ Human-Machine Interaction
▪ Wearable Computing Systems
▪ Intelligent Communication Systems
▪ Intelligent Information and Network Systems
▪ Sustainable Systems
▪ Sustainable Design and Environment
▪ Intelligent Energy Efficient Architectures
▪ Green Data Centers
▪ Sustainable Software Systems
▪ Smart Resource Scheduling and Allocation
▪ Algorithms for Reduced Power and Energy
▪ Real Time Systems
▪ Sustainable Circuit Design
▪ Low Power Electronics
▪ Sustainable Technologies and Human Factors
▪ Green Decision Making and Development
▪ Next-generation Sustainability Solutions
▪ Sustainability for Industries
▪ Sustainable Systems and Smart Cities
▪ Security, Trust and Privacy
▪ IoT and Big Data based Sustainable Computing
▪ Data Intelligence
▪ Applications
▪ Smart Cities
▪ Smart Cyber Physical Systems
▪ Sustainable High Performance Systems
▪ Sustainable Industries
▪ Sustainable Supply Chain and Manufacturing
▪ Robotics
▪ Power Electronics
▪ Healthcare
▪ Business Intelligence
▪ Transportation and Logistics
▪ E-waste Analysis and Solutions
▪ Power Aware Networking Applications

17 Feb 2022 Scad College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Call for Paper
Ubiquitous Computing and Communications
Cloud Computing
Mobile Computing and Networks
Embedded Computing Frameworks
Modelling and Analysis of Ubiquitous Information Systems
Communication Networking Models
High Performance Computing
Pervasive Communication Networks
Autonomic Computing Models
Big Data Models and Applications
Ubiquitous Information Processing Platforms
Distributed Sensing Models and Applications
Secured Authentication and Authorization Models
Ubiquitous Information Processing Systems
Smart Resource Management Techniques
Peer-to-Peer Computing Models
Sustainable Ubiquitous Computing Models and Applications
Novel Mobility Management Techniques
Next-Generation Ubiquitous Networks and Protocols

Intelligent Information Systems
Novel Information Process Modeling and Management
Advanced Intelligent Systems
Internet of Things
Human-Computer Interaction Models
Digital Informatics
Wireless Communication and Storage Networks
System Information Modelling Techniques
Artificial and Computational Intelligence Models
Performance Analysis and Evaluation Techniques
Intelligent Information Retrieval Techniques
Mobile Data Management Techniques
AI based Intelligent Information Visualization Techniques
Intelligent Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Models
Fuzzy based Optimization Techniques
Ontology-based Intelligent Information Systems
Fuzzy based Control and Optimization Models
Cognitive Informatics
Energy-efficient and Sustainable Informatics
Smart Automation Systems
Healthcare Informatics and Bioinformatics Models
Security and Privacy of Intelligent Information Systems
Smart Distributed Information Systems

10 Mar 2022 Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College Gobichettipalayam

Civil Engineering
Construction Materials & Technology
Geotechnical &Transportation
Water Resource & Environmental
Remote Sensing and GIS applications
Computer Science and Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Assistive Technology
Pattern Recognition
Big Data Analytics
Communication Networks
Internet of Things
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Power Systems
Power Electronics
High Voltage Engineering
Smart Applications in EE
Electronics and Communication
Electronic System Design
Signal Processing
Communication & Networking
Optical and Microwave Technology
Automotive Electronics
Mechanical Engineering
Materials and Design
Modelling and Simulations
Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Digital Manufacturing Technology
Renewable Energy Systems
Theoretical and Computational Studies
on Thermal & Heat Transfer
Green Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Advanced Functional Materials
Nano-materials for energy and
Crystal growth
Graph Theory
Algebra and Analysis
Applied Mathematics

11 Mar 2022 Ramco Institute of Technology Rajapalayam

Call for Paper
Inventive Electronics Materials
Advanced Electronics and Photonics
Computational Materials and Modelling
3D & 2D Materials
Nanotechnology in Materials Science
Green and Sustainable Materials
Semiconductor & electronic materials and devices
Bio Electronic Materials and Sensors
Thin films, Materials Surface and Interfaces
Modern Electronic Materials
Multilayered Structures and Composite Materials
Quantum-Sized Structures and Nanocrystals
Electronic Biosensors
MEMS and Sensors
Light Emitting Materials
Opto-Electronic Materials
Microwave and Antenna

Material Science
Energy Harvesting Materials and Process
Advanced Materials Synthesis and Purification
Advanced Multi-scale Material Characterization Methods
Quantum Matters and Applications
Micro-Electronic Device Fabrication
Nanostructure Fabrication and Self-Assembly
Self-Healable and Stretchable Configurations
Data-Driven Materials Design
Advanced Charge Transfer and Suitable Interfaces
Metallization and Superconductivity
Advanced Electronic Packaging

24 Mar 2022 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

✓ Wireless Communication
✓ Mobile Communication
✓ Optical Communication
✓ Remote Sensing
✓ Antenna / MIMO
✓ Embedded Systems
✓ Internet of Things
✓ Cyber-physical Systems
✓ Robotics and Automation
✓ Satellite Communication
✓ Cognitive and Cooperative Communication
✓ Wireless Personal Communication
✓ Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
✓ Device-to-Device Communication
✓ Multimedia and Vehicle Communications
✓ Broadband Communication
✓ Computer Networks
✓ Human Machine Interaction
✓ Mobile and Adhoc Networks
✓ Wireless Sensor Networks
✓ Optical Networks
✓ Network Mobility Management
✓ Network Optimization Models and Algorithms
✓ Network Virtualization Techniques
✓ Social Networks
✓ Ubiquitous Networks
✓ Peer-to-Peer Networks
✓ Sustainable Networks
✓ Vehicular Networks
✓ Network Cryptography
✓ Information Theory and Coding
✓ Security and Privacy Measures
✓ Expert Systems
✓ Artificial Neural Networks
✓ Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
✓ Support Vector Machines
✓ Natural Language Processing
✓ Semantic Web Intelligence & Models
✓ Fuzzy Systems
✓ Genetic Algorithms
✓ Robotics and Automation
✓ Distributed Intelligent Systems
✓ Patterns and Frameworks
✓ Cryptography
✓ High Speed Networks
✓ Mobile Computing
✓ Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
✓ Optical Networking
✓ Network Based Applications
✓ Network Security
✓ Next Generation Web
✓ Recent Trends in Computer Networks
✓ Wireless and Adhoc Network
✓ Wireless Multimedia Systems
✓ Healthcare
✓ Multimedia Applications
✓ Digital Library
✓ E-commerce and E-Governance
✓ Gaming Applications

01 Apr 2022 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

Data Engineering
Database-as-a-Service and cloud/edge computing
Big Data Analytics
Smart Data Clustering and Classification Techniques
Data Integration and Interoperability
Smart Data Grids and Processing
Peer-to-peer, parallel and distributed databases
Data Visualization and Interactive Data Explorations
Web data mining and Information extraction
Smart Information Retrieval and Integration
Uncertain, Probabilistic and Approximate Databases
Smart Data management and workflows
Advanced Query Processing and Optimization
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Computational Intelligence
Machine Learning for Database Systems
Semantic Web
Multimedia Information Processing and Analysis
Deep learning
Statistical and Reinforcement learning
Data-driven Fuzzy Systems Design
Artificial Neural Network
Social Networks Visualization and Analysis
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
High performance computing
Cognitive Intelligence and Decision Making Models
Nature Inspired, Evolutionary Computation and Hybrid learning Algorithms

11 Apr 2022 Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology Tiruchirappalli

• Novel Security Frameworks, Architectures and Protocols
• Hybrid and Advanced Intelligent Systems Security and Access Control
• Computer Vision
• Fuzzy Sets and Systems
• Neural Networks & Pattern Recognition
• IoT, Cyber Physical Systems and its Security and Privacy
• Biometric Authentication Schemes
• Blockchain and Cryptography
• Software Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
• Probabilistic Reasoning
• Cloud and Edge Data Authentication and Authorization
• Machine Intelligence for Security, Privacy and Trust
• Rough Sets & Rough Data Analysis
• Database & Software Security and Threat Awareness
• Evolutionary Computing
• Distributed Artificial Intelligence for Security
• Image Processing and Vision Analysis
• Chaos Theory and Chaotic Systems
• Web Intelligence, Security and Intrusion Detection
• Validation and Verification of Security Protocols

21 Apr 2022 Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology Salem

Nanomaterials and Devices
Biophotonics and Electronics
Sustainable Electronic Materials
Bio-Inspired Electronic Materials
Functional Materials
Nanocomposites and Nanostructures
Emerging Advanced Electronic Materials
Hybrid Electronic Materials
Next-Generation Semiconductors and Materials
Innovative Electronic Materials Processing
Medical Electronics
Dielectrics and Magnetic Materials
Electronic Display Materials
Quantum Electronics and Photonics
Novel Architectures and Functional Blocks of
Electronic Materials
Computational Material Science
Electronic Material Processing Technologies
Next-Generation Energy Materials
Wearable Electronic Devices and Models
Characterization of Electronic Materials
Optical/Nano Sensors
Advanced Optical Materials
Quantum Dots
Luminescent and Non-Luminescent Materials
Novel Synthesis Techniques
Novel Electronic Material Fabrication
Electronic Packaging Techniques
Electronic Modelling and Simulation
Electronic Material Standardization and

06 May 2022 PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Image Processing
Image Recognition and Analysis
Image Registration
Image Texture Analysis
Medical Imaging Systems
Feature Extraction Techniques
Medical Image Diagnosis
Image Reconstructions and Losses
Image Enhancement and Restoration
Image Formation Principles
Genetic Algorithms
Speech and Audio Processing
Optical Signal Processing
Capsule Based Biometric
Multi-Fusion Imaging
Capsule Networks
Capsules in Image Analysis
Deep Learning in Image Analysis
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Visual Content Analysis
Fuzzy Systems
Human-Visual Systems
Machine Intelligence
Artificial Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence Techniques

20 May 2022 DaYeh University Bangkok

Sentiment Analysis
✓ Cognitive Computing
✓ Deep Learning
✓ Semantics & Syntactic Analysis
✓ Natural Language Processing
✓ Emotion-Driven Systems
✓ Data Mining for Ontology Matching,
Instance Matching and Search
✓ Recommender Systems Applications in
Social Networks
✓ AI Driven Sentiment Analysis
✓ Information Retrieval and Document
✓ Intelligent Decision Making
Deep Learning
✓ Fog Computing
✓ Data Analytics and Computing
✓ Reinforcement Learning
✓ Image Processing
✓ Cognitive Networks
✓ Evolutionary Computing
✓ Genetic Algorithms
✓ Statistical Learning Methods
✓ Fuzzy Models
✓ Security and Privacy Methods in Deep
Big Data Analytics
✓ Foundational Theoretical or
Computational Models for Big Data
✓ Big Data Quality Evaluation and
Assurance Technologies
✓ Artificial Intelligence for Big Data
✓ Visualization Analytics for Big Data
✓ Real-Time Big Data Services and
✓ Big Data Services and Applications
for Healthcare
✓ Web Intelligence
✓ Cryptographic Algorithms and
✓ Web Mining and Graph Mining
✓ Machine Learning in Cloud

16 Jun 2022 Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Bangkok