Contact Details of Coordinators of College Festivals happening today i.e., 27 Oct 2021 . Please call the coordinators if you need any help.

Event Coordinators of 4 College Fests

Fest Name Fest Type Event Coordinators
BIT Techfest - Energy Ideathon - 2021 Technical Event

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. G. Kumaresan 9524119045
Prof. N. Bhuvanesh 9500780074
Prof. C. Subramaniyan 9486360218

Student Coordinators
Danus M 6380787956
Sudhakar S 9360145790
Sudharsan B 9344197726
Kalyan M 9500949603
Harshavartthan A 9360053672

Aerospace Internship on Space Shuttle by Using Python Coding 2021 Virtual Technical Event

Er.Nija 9677803678

Faculty Development Program on Deep Drive into Big Data Analytics 2021 Faculty Development Program

Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data science
Ph - 7418104178

Two Day National Level ONLINE Seminar on Machine Learning and Big Data Processing Related to Safety and Security of Nuclear Utilization 2021 Seminar

Asst. Prof/ECE,
Hindusthan Inst. of Tech, Cbe.
Ph: 9626272836