Upcoming Programming Competitions in College Fests, Events in December 2021.

2 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Programming Events
International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Technologies ICSCIT 2021
24 Dec 2021 View More
Cheran College of Engineering

All papers will undergo a double blind peer review process and the criteria for acceptance will be based on quality, originality, technical content and relevance.

Accordingly, Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
Track 1: Soft Computing Theory and Methods
Soft Computing
Probabilistic Reasoning
Evolutionary Computing
Pattern Recognition
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Software Agents
Morphic Computing
Image Processing
Cognitive science
Deep learning
Digital information processing
Evolutionary computing
Fuzzy set theory
Knowledge virtualization
Machine learning
Neural computing
Probabilistic reasoning
Track 2: Hybrid Intelligent Technologies
Advanced intelligent systems
Signal or Image Processing
Vision Recognition
Biomedical Engineering
Reactive Distributed AI
Nano & Micro-systems
Data Visualization
Artificial Intelligence
AI Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications
Automatic Control
Natural Language Processing
Autonomic and autonomous systems
Bioinformatics and scientific computing
Cognitive systems and applications
Complex systems
Computer forensics
Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
Human computer interation
Internet of Things (IoT)
Intrusion detection and Security intelligence
Pattern recognition
Signal processing
Time series forecasting
Web intelligence
Track 3: Soft Computing for Computer Science and Circuit World
Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies
Soft Computing Theory and Applications
Software & Hardware Architectures
Web Intelligence Applications & Search
Renewable Energy
Electric Traction
Electromagnetic Compatibility
High Voltage Insulation Technologies
High Voltage Apparatuses
Lightning Detection and Protection
Power System Analysis
Electrical Measurements
Energy efficiency in industry
Education and power quality
Power devices and components
Integration and packaging
Control in power electronics
Low and high power converters (inverters, converters, controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers)
Power quality control and utility applications
Renewable energy
Electric machines
Data Communications.
Data Encryption.
Data Mining.
Database Systems.
Programming Languages.
Image processing and pattern recognition
Software Engineering.
Computer Animation.
Mobile Computing.
Embedded System Security
Block Chain Technology
Security and Cryptography
Data canter networking.
Nano-electronics and microelectronics
Nanoelectronics and microelectronics
Power and Applied electronics
Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI)
Micro scale fabrication
High Voltage and Insulation Technologies
Power Electronics and Drive Systems
Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Digital Communication
Semiconductor Technology
Signal and Image Processing
Transmission of Numerical Images
Embedded Systems and Security
Intelligent Control
FPGA in outer space
Nuclear Micro batteries
Track 4: Soft Computing for Communication
5G and beyond wireless communication Technology
Control and automation system
Antenna and RF-microwave
Optical and Visual light communication
Smart cities
Smart governance
Smart healthcare
Smart homes and buildings
Smart social services
Smart transportation
Smart utilities
Smart vehicles
Smart villages

Tech Nexus 2021
08 Jan 2022 View More
NIT Hamirpur

Coding Competition
Epìlysi: A problem to solve

About- The new-age IT-Gen is growing swiftly to make its place in the corporate world. Programming & coding have become effective tools to solve real-life practical problems.
Having a sense of this new age demand; Tech-Nexus brings to you one of the greatest & brainstorming coding competitions of the year; Epìlysi: A problem to solve.
Epìlysi will provide a platform where a logical approach will make the difference and participants would get to apply their knowledge to solve actual problems. As a result, we kindly encourage all coding enthusiasts to be a part of this historic event. Winners will be benefited with cash prizes & goodies, and fame will be a follower!
Participants will be given 5 coding problems which need to be solved in a time limit of 3 hours.

Date of event- January 8th,2022
Timings of the event- 9 P.M. - 12 P.M.
Platform to conduct the event- Prepbytes
Prize Pool- 10k

Idea Incubation
Imprenditoria: Innovation on point

About- One good idea is all you need to start a fortune. Innovations and ideas shape our future. Idea Incubation Programme involves ideation and collaboration on possible solutions in a competitive atmosphere, involving a wide range of students.
Team Tech-nexus presents to you Imprenditoria!- Innovation on point, a three-day idea incubation program, to help you acknowledge and showcase your intellectual capacities. Teams will be given problem statements and they have to come up with a startup idea that can help in the nation's evolution. This would be an opportunity to come up with innovative start-up ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by the world and network with brilliant minds from around the country.
Participants will be given 5-6 problem statements to choose the one of their interest.

Date of event- 2nd January 2022 to 4th January 2022
Date of judgment- January 6th & 7th 2022
Platform to conduct the event- Devfolio
Prize Pool- 10k

Vividhata: a blend of ideas

About- “Hackathons are said to be the fastest way to innovation.”
Tech Nexus brings “Vividhta”: a blend of ideas, a three-day-long hackathon, a riveting voyage of ideas with techies searching answers to some stirring questions. Entrants will be given various issues agitating mankind to which they will search for novel and practical solutions. It's not just about innovation, but also about diving deep into the problem and manifesting the skills.
Tech stack would be no bar, provided entrants are to bring novel and original ideas. We persuade the best coders, designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to accelerate their thoughts and bring out the best solutions. Henceforth, Vividhta will allow young minds to contribute to our livelihood, and the best solutions will be recognized and rewarded.
Participants will be given 5-6 problem statements to choose the one of their interest.

Date of event- 2nd January 2022 to 4th January 2022
Date of judgment- January 6th & 7th 2022
Platform to conduct the event- Devfolio
Prize Pool- 15k

Trading Competition

About- “Bitcoin might be the most advanced form of money ever created.”
Cryptocurrency is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative. And if you like gold you must like cryptocurrency as it is the gold of the new age.
Tech-Nexus brings you Cryptoverse, a platform to explore and leverage the exponentially growing Cryptocurrency Industry and experience the volatility of this FUD referred market without the risk of losing your own money. A competition designed to introduce you to the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, which has captivated everyone. The participants will be ranked according to the overall portfolio returns at the end of the competition.
Students will surely gain experience in trading cryptocurrencies with the cryptocurrency ‘Trading Challenge’. Through this initiative, we hope to promote investment analytics in crypto markets, fintech innovation, and understanding in an emerging digital asset class.

Date of event- 5th January 2022 to 7th January 2022
Platform to conduct the event- Roostoo app
Prize Pool- 10k

Cicada Quiz
Gizem: perceiving the q-verse

About- It is perhaps the most enigmatic and intriguing thing on the internet, which promises an “epiphany” when you solve it. No one knows who sets it or what the prize is at the end, but Cicada 3301 has posted mysterious, extremely difficult puzzles for three years in a row, in an attempt to recruit and enlighten the best cryptanalysts from the public. Creating that mysterious era again, Tech-Nexus brings to you Cicada quiz, Gizem – “perceiving the q-verse”, in which participants will navigate through a series of levels of cryptic riddles, and decode ciphers to reach the end in a limited amount of time using hints from technical literature. The event will provide students with a platform to compete and test their skills against some of the greatest cryptic hunters and intellects of the country. Let the rolling of the brain race with every passing minute. Connect the dots, decode the hints, solve the mysteries, unravel the clues and emerge at the top as the conqueror.

Date of event- 8th January 2022[12 pm] to 9th January 2022[12 pm]
Platform to conduct the event- on Tech-Nexus official website
Prize Pool- 10k


About- Tech Nexus brings an opportunity for gamers around the country through the Esports event comprising tournaments of BGMI for mobile gamers and Valorant for PC gamers. The event aims to boost the morale of esports enthusiasts and provide a platform for gamers around the country where they can showcase their talent. According to studies, regular gaming improves decision-making skills, makes an individual more consistent and smarter, which is why the esports community is one of the most emerging communities in the past decade. Many renowned players from various technical backgrounds would participate in this national-level event, enhancing the scale of the competition. Winners will be awarded exciting cash prizes and goodies.
Streaming partner- ACBC Esports
Casting partner- ACBC Esports
Dates of event
Semi-final: 29th December 2021
Finals: 30th December 2021
Prize pool: 10k

Streaming partner- ACBC Esports
Casting partner- ACBC Esports
Dates of the event-
Open Qualifiers: 26-27th December 2021
Quarter-finals: 28th December 2021
Semi-finals: 29th December 2021
Finals: 30th December 2021
Time of event- 12 pm to 3 pm (on the days of competition)
Prize pool- 20k