Upcoming Poster Presentation Competitions in College Fests, Events in September 2021.

3 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Poster Events
01 Oct 2021 View More
Jai Shriram Engineering College

1. Paperina (paper presentation).
2. Quiz wiz(Technical Quiz).
3. Tec draw (Poster competition)
4. CADD modelling
6. Circuitrix
7. 3D modelling
8. Code debugging
9. Miniature garment making

29 Oct 2021 View More
Karpagam Institute of Technology

Technical Events
Hackathon (3 hrs)
Project Presentation (Mini Project)
Code Debugging
Technical Quiz
Paper Presentation
Project Explore
Bucket List
Poster Presentation
Tech Blog
Tool Finder
CAD Modelling
Circuit Bug Fix
Non Technical Events
Play With Words
MEME Creation
Short Video
MEME Creation
Mind Scribble
Face it!!! Crack it!!!
Technie Trick
Sketch De' Pitch

2nd IEEE International Conference on Communication, Computing and Industry 4.0 (C2I4) 2021
16 Dec 2021 View More
CMR Institute of Technology Bengaluru

International Conference on Communication, Computing and for Industry 4.0 (C2I4) is an international conference that aims to bring together experts from different domains to engineer a connected ecosystem envisioned by the fourth industrial revolution. The conference is a prominent convention that provides a platform for leading researchers in academia, industry and business leaders to share and exchange the cutting-edge research ideas under one roof, and discuss relevant future directions. C2I4 is committed to promote the industry-academic interaction and bridge the gap between the two by fostering peer-reviewed paper submissions, keynotes, invited talks, panel discussions, project exhibits and a pre-conference workshop. The conference also provides an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to develop their research skills. The conference will recognize one or more papers, demos, Posters, and graduate student forum with selective awards.