Upcoming Manager Competitions in College Fests, Events in December 2021.

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College Fest Name College Name Manager Events
Drishti 2K21
10 Dec 2021 View More
Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management

1. Case Study - Operations Ikshana A Futuristic Aproach A challenge to indulge in the rising streams of technologies and bridge the gap of old age industrial inefficiencies.

2.Case Study - Marketing Pushya Nourish your strategies, to flourish your value The desire to take risks and push boundaries is what distinguishes decent content from exceptional content.

3.Case Study - Finance उपार्जनम् A National finance case study Competition Keep calm & earn more by accepting the challenge to unleash your potential & involve your cognitive skills to gauge the financial intricacies of business.

4.Case Study - Analytics FUN-alytics Data pub for the geeks Be an outlier in a fun packed case of data analytics

5.Case Study - HR AnthroDynamics Bringing order to chaos A platform for future Managers to apply their learnings and come up with pragmatic and sustainable solutions to solve complex problems of today's volatile environment.

6.Case Study - Corporate Ashlesha Embracing Leadership Have your Say, the Corporate Way!!

7.Case Study - Consulting Consulting Arcady Strategic advisers for excellence Thrive to be a solution finder. You have it in you, time to show it the world.

8.Simulation1 - Operations Vishleshan Keep on Thinking Keep on thinking: Take up this challenge of operations which will make you re-think your decisions.

9.Idea Pitch - Entrepreneurship संRachna The Entrepreneurial Extravaganza A platform to don the hat of a start-up CEO by execution of business strategy that could improve the life of millions

Registration can be done on - https://dare2compete.com/festival/drishti-2k21-annual-management-and-cultural-fest-of-siom-nashik-symbiosis-institute-of-operations-management-siom-nashik-18206