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Start Date Fest Name Fest Type College Name & City
13 Aug 2021 CODE-O-FESTA 2021 Technical, Webinar, Online, Bio Medical Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
28 Aug 2021 HR Summit 2021 Webinar, Online, Summit Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management
17 Sep 2021 Two days Online Technical Seminar on Recent Advancements in VLSI Signal Processing 2021 Webinar Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
30 Aug 2021 National level Online Training Programme on Energy Audit of Thermal and Electrical utilites 2021 Webinar, Online Kongu Engineering College
04 Aug 2021 Equilibrium Thinking for Start-ups and Established Organizations 2021 Webinar Vel Tech Technology Business Incubator
09 Aug 2021 Webinar on All about Open Source Software for Teaching and Learning 2021 Webinar, Online Madurai Institute of Engineering and Technology
18 Jun 2021 Webinar on Lean Start-up and Minimum Viable Product 2021 Webinar Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology
18 Jun 2021 Webinar on insight of Preparing Research article and Effective Usage of Mendeley 2021 Webinar, Online Jai Shriram Engineering College
22 Jun 2021 Smart Transporatation 2021 Webinar Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
22 Jun 2021 Explore Future Technologies 2021 Webinar, Online Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences