Medical Fests in July 2022.

Start Date Fest Name Fest Type College Name & City
04 Oct 2018 DHR ICMR Sponsored One Day National Level Workshop on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 2018 Workshop, Medical, Training Dr NGP Institute of Technology
26 Sep 2018 Swasthya 2018 Conference, Medical, Bio Medical Rajalakshmi Engineering College
28 Sep 2018 EUPHEMOZ 18 Technical, Symposium, Bio Medical Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education
29 Sep 2018 Biohyphenzya 2018 Technical, Symposium, Bio Medical Velalar College of Engineering and Technology
07 Sep 2018 BIO CONCLAVE 2K18 Technical, Symposium, Bio Medical Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College
06 Jul 2018 ICMR sponsored Two Day National Seminar on Deep Learning in Bioinformatics and Healthcare Informatics 2018 Seminar, Bio Medical Velammal Engineering College
13 Jul 2018 Two day National Level Workshop on Artificial intelligent Techniques and its Application in Medical Diagnosis 2018 Workshop, Medical, Bio Medical Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology
22 Jun 2018 ICMR Sponsored Two day Seminar On Research Acumen’s in Machine Learning Algorithms for Bioinformatics Applications RIT ECE ICMR 18 Seminar, Bio Medical Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology
02 Nov 2018 ICMR Sponsored Two Day National Level Seminar on Recent advances in Biosensor Development for the Detection of Cancer Biomarkers 2018 Seminar, Bio Medical, Training Kongu Engineering College
15 Jun 2018 National Conference on Molecular Diagnostics In Personalized Medicine 2018 Conference, Pharma, Bio Medical Velalar College of Engineering and Technology