SAMMILAN 2019, Model Institute of Engineering and Technology, Techno Cultural Fest, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, 15th - 16th March 2019

  • Category: Techno Cultural Fest
  • Start Date: 15th March 2019
  • End Date: 16th March 2019
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Our college organizes Jammu Kashmir's biggest techno-cultural festival. It is the most popular youth festival in Jammu and Kashmir. Students from all over the state and adjoining north states come and actively participate in our fest.


We have a wide range of events.
1. Cultural events
1.1 Fashion show
1.2 Dance competition
1.3 Music competition
1.4 Theatre
2. Technical events
2.1 Technical
2.2 Product selling
2.3 Codathon
2.4 Tower making
2.5 Web development
2.6 Scenario judging
3. Literary events
3.1 Bazm e adab
3.2 Bander snatch
3.3 Sporcle
3.4 Monochromaticity
3.5 Paperami
3.6 Cranium shaker
3.7 Memory map
3.8 Director's cut
3.9 Turncoat
3.10 Muted video
4. Fun events
4.1 Junk yard
4.2 Meme championship
4.3 Caption it
4.4 Can you eat it all ?
4.5 Bid as much as you
4.6 Test your bond
4.7 Rattle baby
4.8 Beg Borrow Steal
4.9 Act to unlock
4.10 Hula loop
5. Gaming events
5.1 Pubg
5.2 Fifa
6. Sports
6.1 Football
6.2 Volleyball
6.3 Basketball
6.4 Chess
6.5 Table tennis
7. Band performance
8. EDM


Mobile Hacking by Robotech Labs on 7-8 March 2019.
Mobile Hacking Workshop:
1. Voicemail hacking.
2. Bluesnarfing - Hacking via Bluetooth.
3. Email Security.
4. Mobile Forensics and VOIP calls
5. Introduction of Mobile Devices
6. Mobile Devices OS Structure
7. Installation of Android, Blackberry on PC
8. Pattern, Password and PIN Cracking of Mobile Devices
9. Mobile phone Vulnerabilities
10. Find your lost Mobile
11. Control your Mobile By Internet
12. Mobile tracking and Investigation
13. Data recovery from mobile devices
14. Mobile Devices Security
15. Security and Hacking Applications of Mobile Devices
16. Mobile Forensic Investigation
17. Countermeasures.
18. Whatsapp gold hacking procedure
19. Hacking of mobile chats calls and emails using link and ip
20.Boot mode features
21. Client and server hacking using mobile
22. Spy apps

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