Rock Band Competitions in College Fests, Events in September 2017.

7 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Band Events
03 Oct 2017
Marine Engineering and Research Institute Mumbai

Paper Presentation
Model Making
Boat Racing
Talent Show
Counter Strike
Band War
DJ Night

Onerios 17
06 Oct 2017
Manipal University Jaipur Campus

War of Bands ,dj night ,funzone fashion event

Aarohi 2017
13 Oct 2017
VNIT Nagpur

Ala Danse- Dance Competition
Swarmanzar- Singing Competition
Purple Haze- RockBand Competition
Cynosure- Personality contest
Rhythm Divine- Instrumental contest
Halla Bol- Street play Competition
Abhivyakti- Stage play Competition
Big Fight- Debate
Art Conoscenza
Bollywood Quiz
Madhur Antakshari

20 Oct 2017
Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology IIST

Dance- single, group, classical
Music- Battle of Bands, solo
Fashion Show
Art and painting

Quest 2017
20 Oct 2017
Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Kochi

“RETROPS – Be the Operations Hawkshaw”
X-OPS, the Operations Club of XIME, is proud to host the flagship event "Retrops: Be the Operations Hawkshaw", as a part of the annual management fest- Quest 2017. Retrops has been designed to expose the budding managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to the challenges of real world business. The glory of being the grooviest operations management team will surely drive you in. Built to test the mettle of each team, this will probe you to think out-of-the-box solutions for real life scenarios and seek the depths of your knowledge. So, pull your team to the top place and prove that you are worthy enough to be part of the elite of corporate managers
Contact: Shree Priya - +91 8848460105

Gourdin de Kotler
“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”- Beth Comstock.
Fight it out in the battle of Gourdin de Kotler, the flagship marketing event of MARKXIME, The Marketing Club of XIME Kochi, which tests the acumen of budding marketing managers over various engaging rounds. Only the best warrior will be remembered as a legend. Are you well armed to earn your insignia?
Contact: Harish Ravi - +91 9790902529

From Quaint To Voguish!
Hruday, the HR club of XIME Kochi enlivens the world of changing trends in work scenes and to challenge the creative minds with the jargons of the talent hunters and resourceful managers brings to you “QUAVOGUE”. An exciting and ardent event to test your calibre and bring the best in you.
Do you have it in you to make decision on the whim and secure the perimeter during crunch?
Contact: Arnab Das- +91 8895610501

The Balance Street
“Rule No 1: Never lose money. Rule No 2: Never forget Rule No 1
- Warren Buffet
The big time is here!! Finance club of XIME Kochi, FINITIATIVE brings to you “The Balance Street” an exciting and challenging event with real time problem solving, number crunching and high-fidelity market simulations.
At Balance Street, the shrewdest money-managers of the country lock horns in the battle for glory in varying functions of Portfolio Management, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Corporate Case Studies and Corporate Finance.
Only the best shall emerge victorious and will succeed in conquering the world of Finance.
Contact: Abheeshek: +91 8939778876

Invictus- only the Resilient will stay! (Best Manager)
“A manager is…..
A guide
Jack of all Trades
And INVICTUS when focused.”

Quest 2017 brings you Invictus. Show your mettle and prove your competency. The event intends to initiate the budding managers into a world of stiff competition and give them a hand to celebrate their talents, not only then but also for the rest of their lives.
Contact: Siddharth Sahoo- +91 9013764861

“In nature's infinite book of secrecy
a little I can read.”
There is no conquest like conquest of Curiosity. XIME, Kochi gives you chance in QUEST -2017 to unleash a conquest to devour your curiosity and find a new treasure of Knowledge through its B-Quiz Event “DECIPHER”. This is a stage where Dreams will be made and unmade. The only power here is the power of knowledge. So get ready to achieve ecstasy and make a mark.

Contact: Mathew - +91 9745560041

It’s time to Jazz up Quest 2017 by Hitting on All Sixes. The competition “Retrospect and Renaissance” is conducted by the EMPRESARIO CLUB of XIME, Kochi for QUEST-2017, which gives you chance to introspect the footfall of those company who are struggling to make profits out of their business. ‘Get a wiggle on’ with Empresario’s Retrospect and Renaissance competition to feel the change by getting in the game and showing your peppiness because "Chance is the fool's name for fate.”
Contact: Siddharth. T - +91 9642473403

Nintendo gamers, start your pulses.
Grab the clutch and feel the power.

Are you up for a challenge??
Let the adrenaline take over.
Inspire a generation with the INFECTION,
Our gear is packed and ready to shift.
Come join us for NES-talgia.
This one is totally infectious!!!
Contact: Shubham- +91 9760723000

FUTSAL – The game of football
Raise up the spirits with a penalty shoot. Sports don’t build character, it reveals character. Let’s get together and take it to the max and give it a new shade at futsal. Rejuvenate the best spirits within you and spark out as the limelight. Just play, enjoy and display the coordination of a fist. Talent is Talent and football is football, but the mindset of the team makes all the difference, showcase the best team play and make it happen.
5 players on each side
Each team plays with the opponent at least once.
Teams with highest number of wins qualify for finals
Each half is for 10 minutes
Break of 5 minutes.

Cultural Events
‘Creativity is intelligence having FUN’
Not a management college student and still want to join us? Here is your chance.
This year one of the most anticipated event is the Cultural event of Quest. Being a management college we provide equal importance to this cultural event where everyone gets an equal chance to participate and compete with other colleges

“Dance is to express not to impress”. U don’t need to be a Jackson or a Madonna, be you and let your soul dance till that last beat.

“Minute to fame”-The Adrenalin crusade brings to you a coveted platform for your dancing skills. This will be solo performances for 1 minute.

‘Mudra’ – Mudras has never yet failed to mesmerize the audience with its best moves. Participants will be maximum of 9 members or minimum 4 members in a team with a maximum of 6 minutes performance.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 
― Bob Marley.
So let the pain end and the glory begin.
‘Battle of Bands’- be a part of the battle to fight and emerge as the lions in maximum 6 minutes.
Get into the retro shades and participate in the fashion show with theme ‘Retro’ where each one of you will get a chance to showcase your fantasy dreams of 80s or 90s. Each college can be represented by one team of 8 to 10 members and each team will be given a maximum of 8 minutes to walk on the ramp.
Contact: Rosmy Francis: +91 9986755101, Ivan: +91 9946317962

Altruism: U comes before I
Selflessness is the virtue that need to be instilled in minds of the upcoming managers. It is a two a day event conducted by the X-Seed club to hunt for the best socially imbibed spirits. Its main aim is to bring in people who can give something back to the society. Humanity needs to rest in the minds of all and this is an opportunity to showcase the benevolence in you.

Saturnalia 2k17
10 Nov 2017
Thapar University

English Singing
Hindi Singing
Punjabi Singing
Solo instrumental
Solo/ Duo Dance
Group Dance
Folk Dance
Nukkad Natak
Skit/Twisted Movie
Chitra Kala
Battle of Bands
Lip sync
English Singing
Hindi Singing
Punjabi Singing
Solo instrumental
Solo/ Duo Dance
Group Dance
Folk Dance
Nukkad Natak
Skit/Twisted Movie
Chitra Kala
Battle of Bands
Lip sync

Taarangana 2018
02 Feb 2018
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
New Delhi

Major Events during Taarangana are broadly classified into PRO NIGHTS, PRIME EVENTS and a variety of FUN EVENTS.
Prime Events -
Urban Thump : Gripping performances by energetic Dance crews, matching their footsteps to the best western beats.
Synnove : Appeasing to the soul, enthralling to the eyes while solo/duet performances steal your wits and cries!
Knights of The Fall : Surrendering to the rhythm in their veins, Bands battle against each other to earn the most coveted victory title.
Mr. and Ms. Taarangana : Blending the features of a Talent Hunt and a Beauty Pageant, this competition favours the search for the most desirable individuals.
Aaghaz : Where words meet wisdom and, wisdom is translated through actions ­ Street Play competition with teams focusing on various social issues.
Lilac Dreams : Style, Confidence and Costumes are the major three keys to success in the most chic event of the fest, the very famous Fashion Parade.
Digital Art : Fingers linger around the most famous design softwares, to transform a given picture into a marvel.
Creative Writing : Given a detailed setting, take time,innovate and fortify a piece with your Shakespearian instinct and imaginative writing.
War of the words : Mighty words clash and opinions staged, because it is no joke but Debate!
Antraa : Music has a way of healing your soul. A singing­in­group competition that will revive your spirit in melody and music.
Anhad : Swing to the beats of student singing sensations, competing against each other in the final solo/duet showdown.
Monochrome : Jumble and juggle with three colours to make a breathtaking master piece. Out of the three, two are decided ­ black and white but, what will the third be!
Thread Art : Minimal prop of a thread will decide, if you are capable to create a magnificient marvel of pride.
Choreo : Step up in style and groove to the beats you like. Set the theme as your mood and, perform to be the star & impress the crowd.

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